Tallan's Webinar on Microsoft's Healthcare Bot Services

Improving quality of care requires improved patient engagement. The Microsoft Healthcare Bot Service can deliver both, while lowering your bottom line. This service empowers healthcare organizations to build and deploy compliant, AI-powered health agents, allowing them to offer their users intelligent, personalized, conversational access to health information. Our partnered webinar reviews three use cases, in addition to an overview of how and why Microsoft invested in this technology, straight from the Product Lead himself.

Featured Use Cases

  • Ease the burden on medical and administrative staff during the triage process
  • Eliminate future scheduling nightmares
  • Keep patients connected after discharge and on track to maintain their health without re-admittance

“As we all look for more personalized and transparent approaches for healthcare services, technology transformation will help providers deliver modern patient experiences that promote patient engagement, satisfaction, and well-being while increasing the chances of more successful treatment.”

- Peter Lee - Corporate Vice President, Microsoft Healthcare